Membership & Pricing

Club Membership Required

Membership Information

  • First time tourist couples get a free 1 day membership. **EXCEPT FOR SPECIAL EVENTS LIKE OUR UPCOMING HALLOWEEN PARTY**  (Must Pay Full Entrance Fee)(OUT OF STATE AND OUT OF COUNTRY)
  • Membership is REQUIRED of all who enter. There are no exceptions whatsoever. A sponsor is not required to become a member, but you must complete a membership application upon arrival.
  • Gentlemen must be 21 years old, and Ladies must be 21 to enter.
  • EVERYONE who enters Miami Velvet MUST present a valid government issued photo identification.\
  • You must abide by the Miami Velvet Dress Code for Entrance.
  • You agree to abide by all Club Rules when you become a member.
  • Pricing may vary for special events (Halloween, New Year’s, Memorial Day, etc.). Pricing will be available on each event’s page.
  • We accept Visa and  Mastercard credit cards online and at the door. A $4 processing fee will be added to all orders paid by credit card.
  • Miami Velvet has a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) policy. We do not sell liquor. We do provide mixers and set-ups free of charge.
  •  Entry fee for SINGLE GENTLEMEN are subject to change.

After you purchase membership, you pay only user fees to the events you wish to attend for the duration of your membership period. We do not offer one night membership terms.

There are no exceptions to these policies. Miami Velvet is a private club and membership can be refused to any person/s for any reason. Membership cards are required for attendance. Always bring a valid photo ID with you to check against your membership number. Lost or stolen cards require a valid ID and are subject to a $5 replacement fee. Rates for membership and nightly fees are subject to change without notice.

User Fees

User Fees are assessed based on your membership status and whether you will be attending as a Couple, Single Gent or Single Lady.

Prepay Advantages

There are many advantages to prepaying for upcoming events to Miami Velvet. You can save money, save time, and are guaranteed entry for the event you wish to attend. Setup your membership today to start taking advantage of these awesome benefits!

37% Prepay Savings for Couples on the First Visit
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56% of Users Prepay Right From Their Phones
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